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2013: It’s About Time

Time is finite yet fluid. An hour. A minute. A second. We can’t change past time (events) but we can influence future events. With the dawn of 2013, I hope the Mayans were right. I hope 2012 is the end of the world as we know it. I hope we are reaching a new level of self-actualization where we know better therefore we do better. Wouldn’t that be a welcome departure from the selfishness and me-centric past?

As I launch this new blog, I am embarking on a new adventure.On my other blog, I’m all business. Anyone who knows we well knows I am a proud mama first. But sometimes, a mama just needs to talk, laugh, cry, and hope with other mamas about the many and deep joys and challenges of parenthood.

This blog is all about being a woman in our great city of Winnipeg. We are going to talk about events in the Peg, local businesses we love, contests, and a guest blogger or two. These thoughts are all my own and I hope you will share yours too. 😉