Booooooo to Boo at the Zoo

It was announced yesterday that the Assiniboine Park Conservancy has cancelled one of its most popular and signature events–Boo At The Zoo. This event was a fun way to bring some Halloween fun to the Zoo during the non-peak visiting season.


According to the official statement rising production costs as well as a drop in attendance are both factors in the decision to discontinue Boo At The Zoo. Facebook and Twitter were alive with many shocked reactions and pleas to reconsider this move. Many families (ours included) bought a family membership to the Assiniboine Zoo for this reason and more. To say there were many disappointed families at this news is an understatement.

Our family visited Hudson the new polar bear at the Assiniboine Zoo this past weekend. It’s obvious there is much renovation and improvement going on. Clearly the Zoo is focused on building a better experience, but with this latest news we have to ask, “At what expense?”


Do you have fond memories of Boo At The Zoo? Are you disappointed Boo At The Zoo is done? What do think the Conservancy should have done instead? Please share your thoughts in our comments section.



7 thoughts on “Booooooo to Boo at the Zoo

  1. Xav

    I actually think re-locating the event or having some other group take it over is a great idea! The zoo location becomes overcrowded and I can’t imagine the effect on the nearby animals lol! While it was a fun family event I think holding a similar event at the ex grounds would be a more suitable alternative! And maybe they could rotate the charities! Just a thought!

    1. susieparker204 Post author

      That’s not a bad idea. It was primarily a fundraiser for the Zoo so it’s too bad they could be cutting a program that would’ve seen renewed interest with the debut of their many upgrades and improvements.

      Thanks, Xav. 🙂

      1. Xav

        Didn’t canad inns do something around Halloween there once? Lets get an event together! I’m totally in! I have a million ideas like involving the middle schools in creative contests and UNICEF and other non profits having booths or ” spaces” I think it would be a terrific fall Halloween festival!!!

  2. Amber

    I’m not really surprised it finally shut down. The event had been getting smaller and smaller over the last few years and knowing all the production costs and human resources it took to organize, setup and run (some volunteer, some not) sometimes these things just run their course. It would be great if another group could start a similar event, but only if they do their research and fully understand how much work is involved and that it is a year-round committment to do it right.


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