Traveling Mama

It can be so hard to be a mama who has to travel for business. I mean, yes, there’s the room service, maid service, and the quiet.

But missing my hubby and kids is tough on my psyche. I always feel I’m missing out on something at home. But then if I didn’t travel for business I’d have no business. It’s a catch-22.

What I do love about traveling for business is pitching new business and getting it. I love showing my children how a mama can do it all–be at home when she wants to, works when she wants to, and make a life for her family with the support and love of her husband and family.

mama suitcase

On International Women’s Day I think it’s so important we celebrate our choices, our strengths, and how we can support each other to become whatever we want to be.

So I’ll finish my business trip, pack my bags, and rush back home to the four beautiful people who drive me to succeed and dream bigger everyday.


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